Sermon Outline

Open Epistles

2 Corinthians 3: 1-3
I have been preaching for several weeks on the thought "What God Wants Us To Be".  We have already seen that He is calling us to be His Ambassadors.  He is calling us to be Branches, Christians, and Disciples.  In this weeks text we learn that He is calling us to live our lives as Open Epistles.
Poem:  The Gospel is written a chapter a day...
The Book of Second Corinthians was written as a letter of Correction, Concern, Commendation, but also as a letter Challenging us to Let our light shine. 
Why is it so important that we live our lives as "Open Books" before the world
I.    People are Watching   Genesis 13
II.    People are Waiting      1 Samuel 17:52
III.    People are Wishing    Acts 16:9
IV.    God is Keeping a Record   Revelation 20:12


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